Thursday, August 22, 2013

Comic Fury!

We have migrated mirroring of Ice Pick to comic fury. The comic can be found at For now, this will only be a mirror for the comic. However, it may become the dominant site later, but for now it will just stay a mirror.

DD has been down for several days. This is reaping havock on the Awards and on my motivation to keep up with the comic. I can't even communicate with RPGgrenade at this time because of this.

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Drunk Duck Awards 2013 - FYC: The Announcement

Hey guys! The Duck is not letting us post up new pages, so I decided to get this up on my  blog for now.

This page was created by JustNoPoint. It of the first of the For Your Consideration pages. Anyone is welcome to send out a page for this early part of the Drunk Duck Awards. What we want however for it to show your characters helping out with the awards by raising funds or even letting the Duck and Quail work in your comics. This is supposed to be a fun way of gearing up for the awards.

According to JustNoPoint:

"Duck and Quail have to try to get money and promote the DD awards or Wowio won't let it take place.
So the FYC pages need to follow this story. In it your characters/comic will do something to help the awards. Have a rich character? He can give a large donation. Maybe your characters will run around your comic (or other people's comics) trying to promote the awards. Maybe your characters work extra jobs to help get money for the awards.
The purpose of this is to not have stale ads taking up room at the start. They will be actual pages meant to aid the over all enjoyment of the Awards/story and be a FYC at the same time. So yes, promote your comics that you wish to be nominated in it too! Perhaps that rich character donating is a rich villain trying to bribe the Awards into voting for said comic.
Get creative and have fun with it!"

Submissions for the FYC can be sent to 2013awards (at) Also stay tuned for the quackcast on Wednesday. I got to clown around with Oz.

For my regular Ice Pick readers, I am almost done with the next page. I have been busy with some other stuff.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Moving Slow

The next page of Ice Pick is still delayed. Ironically, I feel like an icicle right now. The A/C was broken at my class. I am thawing out now.

Once again, life is interfering with the comic. Just so busy in class. I hope to work at breakneck pace after next week. Thank you for hanging in there with me. We are also spending a lot of time at our house and marking the progress.

I hope to have more pictures soon. Have a good week.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Life: Chugging Along

Still trying to get the new page out. Between school, work, constructing a house, and keeping the apartment, there are not enough hours in the day. I got almost all the line are finished, so the rest should be faster. I enjoy coloring a lot more than working the line art and it doesn't take as much precision.

One other thing that will be a distracter soon will be going full blown into Drunk Duck Awards mode. I am pretty sure that Ice Pick is not ready to be nominated yet. I am ok with that for now. BUt I want to be nominated next year.

I am hosting discussion planning for the Drunk Duck Awards right now. So it this is something that interests you, please join in. These awarrds recognize comic excellence within the Duck Webcomics Community. The awards are not just about winning, but is about celebrating comics. It is about getting a comic out there and getting it some readers. I find it all very entertaining.

So, I'm going to be very busy, but I still intend to have fun.

2013 Drunk Duck Awards

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Life: Housing Adventure

Our house is going up very quickly. We are staying reserved though we are still a couple of months out. We are spending almost every Saturday in our new area. Not only are we checking out the house but we are exploring into resturants and other such places. My one complaint right now is that the Kroges near our neighborhood does not have almond milk...yet.

In comic news, I am working on the next page of Ice Pick inbetween work (going well) and being forced to watch Star Trek: Voyager by my husband (not bad but I keep figuring out the plot in advance).

As far as the Drunk Duck Awards for this year go, we are working on hammering out the catergories for this year. There are a couple of ones that may be going away if a strong enough case is built up. I will be getting up links, banners and advertsejent up soon for it.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Life: Gearing Up

There have not been a lot of updates recently, because we are all busy and I made the decision to just update as we go and not rush things. I know that can make us pale in comparison to other comics as far as updates, but I hope the qualitity makes up for for it. We just got some new drafts in so the comic should update soon.

Also, I am starting to gear up for The  Drunk Duck Awards for this year. So there shall be more posts about that as well.

Finally, the are pouring the foundation for our house now. Ryan and I are so excited to own our home.

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Life: Niccea's Hall of Randomness

I made a new comic on The Duck. It has most of my discontinued comics in it. But it will also have art samples. Other than the dead comics that head up the comic, there will not be any specific order for the comics. Come look at my Hall of Things I Could Have Done Other Than Ice Pick. Maybe I can get a sucker to line art one of these as well...

Check out the Randomness.

Also, I have finished going through and editing the old archive for Ice Pick. So the changes will actually show up here on the blog.